Who is behind Sharp to the Flat?

Hi, I am Martin Day, scriptwriter and lyricist of Sharp to the Flat. I also composed the basic melodies for most of the songs, but my writing partner Richard Milner has brought his considerable production skills to bear on my embryonic compositions, bringing them to life.

The 'Sharp to the Flat' project was born from an anxiety dream I had back in 1999. From that I rolled ideas around in my mind until I felt I had a strong story and started work on the first few songs in 2006, but only working on the project intermittently after that. In 2012 & 2013 I wrote the rest of the songs and set about a script that would pull everything together. From that point Richard got involved and since then we have been collaborating to work up demos of all the songs.

Martin Day guesting with 'The Prognosis' in 2014

about Martin Day

I have been writing lyrics ever since I was a teenager. Later I taught myself enough guitar to be able to compose as well. I can't play anything I haven't written myself, as I've never desired to reproduce anyone else's music.

Around the age of 20 I struck up a writing partnership with Robert Bathurst, with me singing the songs out of necessity. We found other musicians to form a band, but never found a singer. So I continued to sing with Salt Solution for the next 13 years playing throughout Southern England as well as at the Greenbelt, Kingston and Cross Rhythms festivals and the Brixton Academy. The band released a single and the retrospective album 'Arctic Frosties' in 2000. Since disbanding in the mid-90s I have continued to write and (occasionally) perform solo. More recently I have been co-writing some songs with The Prognosis, with one tracks appearing on their debut EP 'Beneath Box Hill' (as well as in this musical).

My other creative exploits include a book of short stories called 'The Animal Parables' (available from Amazon in the UK and globally), as well as a teenage party themed board game called 'So Grounded! ' which I am still working to bring to production. In the past I created 'Pod the Alien', a puppet character. I also dabble in video editing and building web sites (like this one).

I currently work as a life coach and I run Sumo Experience Japanese themed fat-suits wrestling parties for children and adults as a sideline. Prior to that I have worked variously in IT, been a children's worker, a church worker, glassblower and midge farmer.

I live (and always have done) in Woking, Surrey just outside London, UK with my wife.I have two adult children. To find out more about my other creative endeavours visit www.ShallowDeep.com.

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