'Here Is The News' (retired song)

Here Is The News   'Here Is The News' [retired song]                                                               to Words & Music
    Key: D-major - BPM: 146 - 3min 02 - Solo (Gulliver)


A traveling minstrel I, now listen while I sing,
The bearer of the news, all tidings I will bring.
I had the latest news all packaged in a song
Long before the papers or TV came along.

In competing with the media, and all day rolling news
I’ll need to draft a lyric, that’s a template to re-use.
I find most stories are, essentially the same,
So I’ll leave a few words blank, and insert a different name.

      Sung with conviction - Here is the news.
      The fact and the fiction - Here is the news.
      My own depiction - Don't be confused.
      Feed your addiction - Here is the news

      The governor announced today that fiscal pressures meant
      The bank of England, base rate goes up or down by X percent.
      A body was discovered, late last night on waste ground
      Police now have a suspect, and the murder weapon’s found.
      Friends were shocked to hear …. about the sportsman, star or MP.
      Injunction stops me naming him, or his iniquity.
      In sport: Fans of top football club (insert name later here)
      Were shocked by news that injury would end their star's career.
      And finally, a record's been set, to onlookers delight.
      And on that note, that’s all the news, and so from me it's good night.

I’ll move from town to town, in marketplace and square.
News bulletins by song, the latest I will share.
Though friends say, “It won’t work”, and tutors say “You can’t!”
They can’t see that this is art, you see, I’ve got a grant.


© M Day 21-Jul-2011 & 6-Jul-2012

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