'House Of Old Wounds' 

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    Key: A-major - BPM: 135 - 4min 48 - Solos & Chorus (Chorus, Adult Abi, Sam)


Townsfolk: This town has always been the same, where nothing changes.
                  We’re pleasant people, pleasant lives.
                  Concord has always been our aim. Polite exchanges.
                  Civil mannered, civilised.

                  Look, see what they are uncovering.
                  How was it we didn’t know?
                  Archaeological digging.
                  Settlement from long ago.

                  We share a cheery ‘How are you?’ Already knowing
                  The answer’s always ‘I am fine’.
                  Don’t give any other clue. I must be going.
                  Don’t scratch the surface, toe the line.

                  How long has all this been down there
                  Buried just under the ground?
                  How could we live here not knowing
                  Of the remains they have found?

Adult Abi:   I’m off. The dig will have to wait. Do I look OK?
                  I have some digging of my own.
                  I’m too excited to be late. I’ve longed for this day.
                  Could it be I’m coming home?

Townsfolk: Truth is you don’t know what’s down there.
                  Don’t know what’s under your feet.
                  You could uncover a nightmare,
                  A treasure, or truth bittersweet.

Sam (50):  Let me show you round the flat as we chat. Here’s the kitchen,
                  And the bathroom. As I said, it’s two bed, separate loo.
                  But now the best, this lovely living room
                  With chimney breast and fireplace.

                  Just imagine living here. It's so near the town centre.
                  The location is a plus for the bus and the school.
                  I see from your face you love this living room.
                  The fireplace has caught your eye.

                  Soon I emigrate to Spain. There’s no chain. It’s all simple.
                  Make an offer if you please and these keys could be yours.

© M Day 29-Jan-2013 & 7-Oct-2016

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