'How He Loved You'

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    Key: A-minor - BPM: 84 - 4min 29 - Duet (Trudy, Amanda)


Trudy:     When he found out you'd be born he was more than just delighted.
               Threw a party, hired hall, with everyone invited.
                He said, all he'd ever wanted was right there in his wife,
                A mother and a her baby, two beauties in his life.

                Daddy loved his baby girl, rushing home from work to see you.
                He would phone from the train just to hear you laugh and gurgle.
                He'd throw you up and catch you and kiss you on the face.
                He'd swing you and he'd spin you safe in his embrace.

                     And how he loved you, loved you,
                     Held you to the sky.
                     And he hugged you, as if hugging himself too.
                     No word of a lie.

Amanda: He was attentive at the start, like I was his possession,
               Taking charge and making rules, and punishing transgression.
               The perfect loving couple was all that we appeared.
               He showed me what was wrong with me and he was what I feared.

               There was drinking, that was true, but sure no celebration.
               His reaction to your life was go for termination.
               He hated children anyway, I think he hated me.
               I tried to protect us both from his brutality.

                     And how he beat me, when he
                     knew you would be born.
                     And when he saw you, he looked right through you,
                     Turned away in scorn.

© M Day 16-Oct-2006

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