'I Can't Believe'

I Can't Believe  'I Can't Believe' [page 75]                                                                           to Words & Music
    Key: D-major - BPM: 140 - 3min 38 - Solo (Amanda)


I can’t believe I’m here again,
Deceived, betrayed, abused again.
I can’t believe I dropped my guard again.
I trusted in a kindly man,
I trusted with my heart.
I didn’t see his scheming plan.
My world is torn apart, again.

An oily pathway of deceit
Polluting all that’s gone before.
I used to know what’s true or false.
Now I'm no longer sure.
How many months since it began?
How far the questions go?
I’m double checking in my mind
For what I really know.

      Did he once love me or is he unkind?
      What was he thinking? He’s out of his mind.
      He is not safe. I will end this nightmare.
      Get him out of my head. Get him out of my hair.

I can’t believe I’m here again,
Empty, lost, confused again.
I can’t believe I swallowed all the lies.
I thought I’d found the one true God.
I trusted with my heart.
But I was just a lightning rod,
A sucker from the start, again.

A sinful man was playing God
And played me for a fool.
He dangled kindness as a bait
With bitter barb so cruel.
How can a faith that felt so real
So quickly be disproved?
How is the one who was my rock
So easily removed?

      Is what seems real all built on a lie?
      A God who was here now back in the sky?
      If you are true answer one final prayer
      I need you to show me if you are still there.

© M Day 27-Feb-2013

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