'I Will Enter In'

I Will Enter In   'I Will Enter In' [page 62]                                                                         to Words & Music
    Key: C-major - BPM: 150 - 3min 26 - Duet (Claire, Amanda)


Claire & Amanda:  I will enter in
                             To this meeting place,
                             Seeking your acceptance of me.
                             Light the way so that I can see.

                             I will enter in
                             Looking for your love.
                             Meet me in my disconnection.
                             Fold me into your affection.

                             Yes, I hear your voice
                             Calling me by name.
                             I have entered. I’m surrendered.
                             Take away my shame.

Amanda:               Now I know it's true.
                             Something’s changed in me.
                             I can feel my heart is racing.
                             Childhood steps that I’m retracing.

                             Now I know you're true.
                             You alive in me.
                             My emotions overflowing,
                             Answering the love you’re showing.

                             You have come to me,
                             Warmed this lonely heart.
                             Loving Father, I would rather
                             Spend my days with you,
                              ...live my life in you.

© M Day 09-Apr-1997, 06-Oct-2012 & 12-Mar-2018

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