'It Can't Work'

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    Key: A-major - BPM: 86 - 2min 16 - Trio (Sam, Gary, Andy)


Andy:      How will you sleep? How will you last?
Sam:       With cosy bed and broadband fast.
Gary:      What if she hears you turn or move?
Sam:       She’ll think that next door’s in the groove.
Gary:      How can you know the coast is clear?
Sam:       I’ll make a peep hole under here.
Andy:      You’ll never live in that small space.
Sam:       I’ve got a bucket just in case.

Sam:              It can work. We’ve built it.
                      We’ll clear up this mess. There’ll be nothing to show.
                      My bolthole, my secret.
                      What harm can it do if she doesn’t know?

Gary:      When will you leave this tiny den?
Sam:       From nine to five and after ten.
Gary:      What will you do when she’s not here?
Sam:       The flat is mine when the coast is clear.
Andy:      If anything has moved she’ll see!
Sam:       (So) She’ll give her kid the third degree.
Andy:      When she finds out all Hell will blow.
Sam:       I don’t see she’ll ever know.

Andy & Gary: It can’t work. It won’t work.
                      It will all end in tears if you skate on thin ice.
                      She’ll find out, there’s no doubt.
                      Give up this madness. Just take our advice.

© M Day 20-Feb-2013 & 6-Feb-2017

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