'It’s a Scandal' (retired song)

It's A Scandal   'It's A Scandal' [retired song]                                                                    to Words & Music
    Key: E-major - BPM: 147 - 2min 25 - Trio (Amanda, Claire, Trudy)


Claire:      I’ve got some news, there’s a vacancy.
Trudy:      I wonder who’ll be leaving school.
Claire:      The post is available immediately.
Amanda:  But terms begun for everyone.
Claire:      The head of maths is going hurriedly.
Trudy:      I get sniff of scandal’s whiff.
Claire:      It’s confidential, don’t ask me.
Amanda:  I’ve heard of this and the illicit kiss!

       Head’s wife, Maths head, it’s a scandal.
Trudy:           In league, in bed, it’s a scandal.
Both:             You hear about it on TV, but this is shocking, too close for me.
                     It’s a scandal, a shocking scandal.

Claire:      I’ve heard that rumour, but I disagree.
Trudy:      Can you be sure? Oh, tell us more.
Claire:      The woman is a model of fidelity.
Trudy:      So that’s not true. It’s something else. I knew!
Amanda:  It must be bad from all this secrecy.
Trudy:      A man has need, and some he feeds.
                If a grown woman’s not his cup of tea
Amanda:  Surely not? A pupil pregnancy!

Amanda:       Grown man, young girl, it’s a scandal.
Trudy:           Gut wrench, toes curl, it’s a scandal.
Both:             You read these things in the press. It’s happening here to our distress.
                     It’s a scandal, a shocking scandal.

Claire:      There’s no truth in that theory.
Both:        We must discuss. Go on, tell us.
Claire:      You’re such gossips. Don’t pressure me.
Trudy:      What could be worse or more perverse?
Claire:      I just saw for you an opportunity.
Trudy:      It must be huge from all this subterfuge.
                Perhaps an addiction to pornography,
Amanda:  Maybe a boy he made his toy?

Amanda:       Grown man, young lad, it’s a scandal.
Trudy:           So wrong, so bad, it’s a scandal.
Both:             You hear these things are going down, but chilling when it’s in our town.
                      It’s a scandal
Claire:           There's no scandal.
Amanda         A shocking scandal!

© M Day 30-Jan-2013

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