'It's All About Me (reprise)'

It's All About Me Reprise   'It's All About Me (reprise)' [page 84]                                          to Words & Music
    Key: A-minor - BPM: 100/120 - 1min - Solo (Ed)


At the start of my career
My class mocked me with a jeer
When they thought they saw a tear.
But was just a bead of sweat.
I swore to control the class,
Show them I have balls of brass.
I would kick them up the arse.
Yes, they knew just what they’d get.

       It’s all about frightening, pre-emptive striking,
       It’s all about control of each and every one.
       Kindness is weakness. I showed no weakness.
       Kept ‘em in their place. Even Sam, my son.

© M Day 26-Feb-2018



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