'Let's Pretend'

Let's Pretend   'Let's Pretend' [page 80]                                                                             to Words & Music
    Key: G-major - BPM: 146 - 3min 12 - Duet (Carol, Andy)


Carol:      Let’s pretend we’re being grown up.
                Let’s pretend we’re mum and dad.
                I would try on mummy’s make up,
                Mummy’s shoes and mummy’s bag.
                “Let’s pretend” is very easy.
                Let’s pretend I’m them not me.
                I look better bright breezy,
                I’ll be what they want to see.

Andy:      Carol, I love you.
               Why won’t the real you do?
               If I can love you
               Others will love you too.

Carol:            Sometimes you know I wonder whether
                      If I can hold it all together.
                      If my presentation’s good they will never see
                      All the parts that can’t be loved in me.
                      They see a woman calm, collected.
                      If they saw me, I’d be rejected.
                      If I ever let the mask of perfection drop
                      I’d be as naked and my heart would stop.

Carol:      Let’s pretend we’ve got it sorted.
                Let’s pretend a perfect life.
                Misery and trouble thwarted,
                Happy, loving, man and wife.
                “Let’s pretend” is so much better.
                Let’s pretend we shine and glow.
                Model couple, matching sweater,
                Letting nothing ugly show.

Andy:      Carol, it’s wearing,
               Driving my head round the bend.
               My heart’s despairing
               Of making this show for our friends.

Carol:            Sometimes you know I wonder whether
                      If we can hold it all together.
                      If we smile and we laugh they will never know.
                      If you try as hard as me the cracks won’t show.
                      They all think we have the perfect marriage,
                      So in love we’re going at it like rabbits.
                      Couldn’t handle the shame if they ever knew.
                      It’s such a relief that they haven’t a clue
                       ... about me and you.

© M Day 13-Feb-2013

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