'Not What We Planned'

Not What We Planned   'Not What We Planned' [page 15]                                                           to Words & Music
    Key: G-major - BPM: 90 - 3min 48 - Sextet (Sam, Amanda, Andy, Trudy, Gary, Claire)


Amanda:   My expectation was a perfect family:
                 A man, a dog, a pair of kids and me.
                 What started swimmingly soon got swept out to sea.
                 Where I’ve washed up I’m not sure.

Sam:         I would be an engineer and prove my father wrong,
                 To show I had it in me all along.
                 When I failed to make the grade, KavRoss had a job that paid.
                 Now they’ve left me high and dry as well.

Sam & Amanda:  It’s not what I planned; it’s not what I planned.
                           It just didn’t turn out that way.
                           Life it conspired against what I desired.
                           The dream I had melted away.

Trudy:       My dream job it was to be a driver on the track.
                 Mummy blocked my chance behind my back.
                 Teachers they pressured me, favoured university.
                 ‘Dream Job’ recruitment’s now my trade.

Andy:        When I was small I dreamed I’d be a fireman.
                 To join the Fire Service was my plan.
                 But at the interview, my chest was thirty two,
                 Four inches short of the job.

All:                      It’s not what we planned; it’s not what we planned.
                           It just didn’t turn out that way.
                           Life it conspired against what we desired.
                           The dream we had melted away.

Claire:      I longed to tour the ancient world, to travel was my aim,
                 But clinical depression knew my name.
                 Egypt out of reach for me. I trained to teach history.
                 Now I share my passion with my class.

Gary:       Young Gary wanted to be as big as all the rest,
                 Hungry for what made me the best.
                 Only the fastest wheels, head-turning girls in heels.
                 Sadly I had to compromise.


© M Day 09-Jan-2013, 15-July-2015 & 21-Feb-2018


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