'Not What We Planned Reprise'

Not What We Planned reprise   'Not What We Planned Reprise' [page 88]                                            to Words & Music
    Key: G-major - BPM: 120 - 1min 45 - Duet (Sam, Amanda)


Amanda:   I now see that good or bad is more a state of mind.
                 Even a cruel blow can be kind.
                 I take each life event no longer as punishment,
                 Where once I believed the fault was mine.

Sam:         I worked hard to engineer the best reality,
                 Tricking others so they’d fit with me.
                 Lying that once worked for me, now a waste of energy.
                 I will speak the truth from this day on.

Both:                   It's not what we planned; it's not what we planned.
Amanda:             I'm thankful now, I have to say.
Sam:                   My plans backfired against what I desired.
Amanda:             I'm happy where I am today.

© M Day 05-Aug-2015 & 16-Feb-2017


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