A Synopsis for the 'Sharp to the Flat' Musical

'Sharp to the Flat' is a unique work: a psychological drama; a comedy; a multi-layered social commentary. The main thread is about the relationship between the characters of Amanda and Sam, Both struggle with their relationship to truth as do the family and friends that their stories interweave with.

The brief synopsis

AbiKeys arrives as a prospective buyer for Sam flat. But it seems she has been here before...

Eighteen years earlier Sam rents the flat to widowed Amanda and her young daughter Abi. Life has left Amanda fearful and timid and she longs to have a faith like her friend Claire.

The newly redundant Sam thinks renting his flat will buy him some time out. When a row with his father leave him homeless, Sam keeps his plan on track by recruiting his drinking buddies Andy and Gary to help him adapt the flat so he can share it with Amanda ... but without her knowledge!

DrillFrom his hiding place Sam eavesdrops on Amanda’s life, struggles and secret pain. He takes pity on her and resolves to do whatever he can to help. From this point on, good things start to happen for Amanda and it seems that, at last, her life is on the up. It feels to her as if someone is watching over her and Christian Claire is quick to suggest that it is Thunderingdivine intervention. Amanda starts to gain a faith of her own; but it is faith based on a lie. Sam is furious that God is getting the credit for his own hard work and this seemingly kind-hearted man now turns bitter and controlling. By now his own feelings for Amanda have grown, but he can’t afford to let the real truth come out.

Whilst Sam has Andy and Gary, Amanda has her sister TrudySchool and Claire as confidantes and the stories of these characters are revealed as the drama between Sam and Amanda unfolds. The arrival of Amanda’s overbearing mother sheds light on the origins of Amanda’s initial downtrodden countenance and, to complicate matters further, it turns out that Sam's mean-spirited father is at the same school that Amanda has just started working for.

When Sam's secret is finally exposed the only one not to be told is Amanda's daughter Abi. She has been left to piece the fragments she has picked up to make her own truth. This is why she has returned to the flat years later.