'White Collar Blues' (retired song)

White Collar Blues   'White Collar Blues' [retired song]                                                          to Words & Music
    Key: G-major - BPM: 86 - 2min 21 - Solo & Chorus (Pastor Dudley, Chorus)


Dudley:   I have not known hardship, but I've felt hardship within.
               Never go-ne hungry, but inside I'm sickly thin.
               Yes, I had my riches, but was poor in heart and soul.
               When I looked so calm and still, inside I'd pitch and roll.

Chorus:   Can't tell you how I've suffered, cause there's no suff'rin to see.
               Can't show you any scars, from my angst and agony.
               You'd never know my pain or ever think to pity me.
               I am white and middle-class with no disability.

                      Oh Lord, Oh Thank you Lord, Oh Lord you rescued me.
                      I was found, when once I drowned, amongst the Bourgeoisie.
                      Oh Lord, Oh Thank you, Lord, Oh Lord you rescued me.
                      Though I'm white and middle-class I've no contingency
Dudley:          That I can see.

               I have known rejection, I know how hard life can be.
               I, my own task master - psychological slav'ry.
               Jesus took my burden, walked a mile in my shoes.
               Now I'm a child of freedom, so goodbye white-collar blues.


© M Day 18-Oct-2012

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