'Your Call Is Important'

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    Key: G-major - BPM: 92 - 4min 15 - Trio (Jade, Anupreet, Sue)


(Spoken) “We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls. Please be assured…”
All:                    Your call is important to us please stay on the line.
                         You are in a queue; we’ll answer when we get the time.
                         All our lines are busy and all our phones are manned.
                         Please have your account number ready, close at hand.

(Spoken) “You are now 7th in the queue”

All:            We could be in
Anupreet: India
Sue:                  or Edinburgh
Jade:                                       or Crewe.
All:            We could be most anywhere you haven’t got a clue.
                 We can ask your favourite film or name of your first pet.
                 We can ask you anything,
Anupreet:                                      but you can’t ask;
Sue:                                                                           not yet.

All:            About now you’re sweating and you might abandon call.
                 Few last out the quarter hour of staring at the wall.
                 You could always try online and message into space.
Jade:        The line you’re on is premium.
Anupreet:                                                 Dare you lose your place?

(Spoken) “You are now 5th in the queue.”
(Spoken) “If you’d like to change the music that you listen to, whilst you wait. say ‘one’ for classical, ‘two’ for pop. Say ‘three’ for jazz”
Amanda & Abi: “Three!”
(Spoken) “You are now 4th in the queue.”

Jade:        You might speak to Jade today
Anupreet:                                                   or Anupreet
Sue:                                                                               or Sue.
All:            We can all do accents and can fake compassion too.
                 We each have perfect manners and are very well equipped
                 To answer any question that is written in our script.

                 We might be on a coffee break or lunch in this time zone.
                 We might be in a meeting or already left for home,
                 Maybe a conversation that’s much more fun than you,
                 Or we could be on hold - to a call centre too.

(Spoken) “You are now 2nd in the queue.”
(Spoken) “You are now 3rd in the queue.”

© M Day 14-Nov-2012

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